First let us look at the difference between the two vinyls

Cast Vinyl

Named by the process it goes through in manufacturing, cast vinyl starts as a liquid then is poured into a mold (aka a cast) and is approximately 2 mils thick. The product is stretchy and more conformable. It is often referred to as High Performance or Premium film. Cast vinyl is recommended for complex surfaces with curves, rivets, and corrugations. These films typically last 7+ years outdoors when laminated.

Calendered Vinyl

Like the name suggests, the product starts as a solid and goes through a series of rollers to flatten it out. Calendered vinyl is usually thicker at 2.5 mils to 4 mils thick. Referred to as Short Term, Economy, or Intermediate films, the product is not conformable and doesn’t stretch as well. It is best for flat, simple surfaces. These films are less durable than cast and typically last 3-6 years.

How to choose the right vinyl

When choosing what type of vinyl is best for your project, the most important thing to consider is the application you are using it for. Cast film is more resistant to weather abuse and sun energy, making it perfect for long-term applications like vehicle graphics and lasting signage. Calendered film tends to shrink over time, resulting in less resistance to the elements. However, it is more economically efficient, making it perfect for shorter term signs and banners such as “Sale” signs and ever-changing applications.

Cast Vinyl Printing Hull

Place an order for vinyl?

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