Frosted window vinyl film is a type of window film that can be used to add privacy and reduce the amount of light coming through the window. It also has an added benefit as it can be custom printed to fit any size or shape windows.

Window films are often used in commercial buildings, like storefronts, offices, and schools around the Hull and Cottingham area. They can be installed on any type of window. Frosted window film is a vinyl film that is designed to provide privacy and protection from the weather. It blocks out light and provides an even tint across the entire surface of the window. This helps reduce glare during sunny days. and provides a level of insulation from the outside environment.Frosted window film can be applied to any type of window, including acrylic, PVC, and aluminum windows. The varying sizes and shapes of these windows can also make it difficult to find an appropriate installation pattern for the material. This is where vinyl window tint comes in handy. Moscato Window Films offers a wide range of options for frosted films that can be easily applied without leaving noticeable marks or seams on your existing glass surface.

Window Tint Options The following are a few examples of how window tint can be applied to windows.

frosted window vinyl
Frosted window film reversed printed and applied to the inside to add privacy.

Frosted window film is a type of window film that is applied to the outside of a window. It has a frosted appearance and it blocks out up to 99% of the light coming through the window.

Frosted window film provides many benefits for homeowners. It protects against UV rays and heat, which can cause fading and warping in furniture, carpets, drapes, and other household items. It also reduces glare from the sun on computer screens and TV screens which can help reduce eye strain. Frosted window films also protect against break-ins by making it difficult for burglars to see inside your house or car.

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frosted window film