To Do Designs Hull, UK have launched an innovative new service that will provide an unmatched print quality for services rendering outdoor use. Their new state of the art latex printer will provide high quality prints for all businesses and or personal needs.

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With a talented team, To Do Designs have the skill to produce an amazing finish to all valued products. With an array of services already available, this premium printing service have now expanded their capabilities with the arrival of their new latex printer.

The HP Latex 360 now offers the chance to have products made up to 64 inches and provides high quality prints with increased longevity, lasting up to five years when laminated, and three years without lamination. ‘With colour resolution up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, expect crisp lines and radiant colours too’ making this the perfect printing solution for van wraps, signs, stickers, floor signs and much more. Alongside the quality of print, the Latex 360 uses the best features of water-based and solvent alternatives for signage that is produced, making it scratch-resistant and even more durable for outdoor products.

This machine also has a maximum printing speed of 91m2/hr (980ft2/hr), and has a curing process inside the printer meaning that all prints will always come out dry. This impressive feature means To Do Designs can provide a quick turnover for all services required.

The HP Latex 360 is much more environmentally friendly than previous printing machines. Not only is the latex more easily recycled, the ink used is not flammable, and the removal of nickel and other hazardous air pollutants makes this a safer option for both staff and customer. Having already provided safety products for businesses during the pandemic, the launch of their new printer, which uses odourless ink, means this print shop can now provide the healthcare industry with safe signage both inside and outside. With the ever-changing government regulations during this current time, To Do Designs are ensuring that all business requirements are fulfilled to the highest standard.

The team at To Do Designs are highly skilled and experienced. With the proficiency to use this advanced technology, they also have the expertise to design anything that you envision for your business profile. This innovative new printer can also further your visual ambitions with the ability to print on a variety of materials including canvas, polyester and natural fibre textiles.

This developing Hull print shop can guarantee no limits to the creative exploration of your business needs. With the economy on a re-boot, To Do designs can help you to achieve

unmistakable, professional visuals fitting to your brand. From all of your smaller promotional business needs and now to large scale products, To Do Designs can offer all that is needed to have your business recognised the way you envision.

For more information please visit: Online or Todo Designs 213 Chanterlands, Avenue, Hull HU5 3TP.