to do designs


Take a look at the to do designs team (mug shots) below:

Paul Matchett

Paul is part of the creative team and has a passion for art & design. He likes animation and creating videos as well as graphics to improve To Do Designs marketing and brand. Paul has a young family and in his spare time, he enjoys playing football.


Carl has a passion for working with wood. Though deeply rooted in tradition, he remains adaptive and innovative, constantly seeking newer techniques and embracing modern equipment to refine his craft. This blend of tradition and innovation is evident in the finesse of his woodworking – a testament to his commitment to delivering nothing but the best.

Mo Choudhury

Mo has a passion for design and likes using vinyl. Mo plays a vital part in listing To Do Designs products on the website (no pressure). He has also set up his own clothing range Chemical-A. 

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