We highly recommend our high quality perforated one way vision window vinyl commonly called by a brand name of ContraVision. It can be printed in tiles to form large marketing aids across office and shop windows as well as car and van window promotional graphics. As a bonus it adds one-way privacy, solar shading and decorative architectural features while retaining excellent see-through clear vision from the other side.

Van Window Decals Cottingham Hull

Todo Designs have long been able to provide full colour printed graphics for use in a variety of situations. Now, buy utilising the one wa perforated technology and print methods, it is possible to create eye-catching one-way graphics for external application.

Vehicle window graphics

Printed graphics are an excellent way of transforming glazing into bespoke, professional looking displays, suitable for advertising and branding or simply to add an extra element of interest to the appearance of a building. By using Cottingham based Todo Designs Perforated window vinyl and creating one-way graphics, the opportunities increase still further. Once installed, full colour printed designs are clearly visible from the exterior, whilst those inside the building will retain their view through the glass. The image on the right shows the view from the exterior (graphics visible) next to the view from the interior (view to outside maintained).

Window Decals Cottingham
Customer installed this perforated one way vision vinyl

Contra Vision for one-way privacy

Too Designs offers Contra Vision window film for one-way privacy. Once installed, the film provides the external face of the glass with a stylish white appearance, serving to block the view from the outside in. The perforated nature of the film maintains the view from the inside out, with the film giving the glass a lightly tinted appearance. Please note, this film is effective for daytime privacy.

As with all window films offered by Todo Designs, Contra Vision for one-way privacy is available online, or simply contact us or email paul@tododesigns.com for a quote