Vinyl Wall Decals or stickers are the perfect way to add a splash of contrast or colour to your boring walls in your home or office. Here at Todo Designs in Hull / Cottingham our vinyl wall decals can be die-cut without any borders or white backgrounds.

Wall decals, also known as a wall stickers, wall tattoos, or wall vinyls, is a vinyl sticker that is affixed to a wall or other smooth surface for decoration and informational purposes. Wall decals are cut with vinyl cutting machines. Most decals use only one color, but some may have various images printed upon them.

Decals can range from simple small wall borders and cut outs to more complex murals or patterns covering entire walls. They may feature words, pictures and designs. Vinyl wall decals come in various shapes and sizes. They can be as small or as large as necessary. Regular wall decals are usually between 30cm x 50cm and 60cm x 100cm. Larger decals may be 100cm x 100cm or larger.

Wall vinyl Hull Cottingham

Vinyl decals and stickers

Most vinyl decals are not reusable, although some reusable vinyl types are available. They use a different adhesive on the rear which means that they can be re-positioned a couple of times before the adhesive wears out. Vinyl stickers at a large size can be very difficult to apply as they can tear, stretch and stick back on themselves. Traditional decals are made from pvc plastic and cut from a single colour using a vinyl cutter or laser cutter. It is possible to print a full colour image onto vinyl and then contour cut around it. Block cut vinyls come in many different finishes from glitter, to metallic, to mirror effect. They can also be supplied as blackboard or whiteboard finish and cut to shape to create a wall decal.

A range of non-PVC fabric wall decals sold as “FabriStick” is made from a finely woven fabric with 3M type adhesive on the rear. It can be printed to full colour and still profile cut to create intricate designs. It does not stretch, tear or peel back on itself and is re-positionable and re-usable in a way that vinyl stickers are not.

Wall vinyl printed locally in Hull

Todo Designs wall vinyl uses – produced locally in Cottingham, Hull.

Vinyl decals have various uses. Vinyl decals were originally only used for sign making, but they have recently been added to interior decorators portfolios and have also become well known as a Do-It-Yourself home decorating option. The fabric wall stickers are particularly popular with people in rental properties as they allow personal creativity in home decoration without any damage to the walls. Even better, the wall decorations can be put back onto the supplied backing sheets and taken to the next property.

Decals can be used on windows, walls or tiles as branding, advertising, or decoration. They may also serve as a tool to inform people that there is a glass door or window.

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